Appreciating the Healing Benefits of the Magic of Massage Therapy

When a child is not feeling well, all she needs is the comforting touch of her mother. The warm and soothing feeling that a mother’s hands rubbing a baby’s skin calms her down and ensures a peaceful sleep so that in the morning, she wakes up feeling refreshed and well-rested. This is much like the effect of the massage Ipswich has.

The pressing, manipulating, and rubbing of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons have a relaxing yet energising effect that can calm the nerves and release tension. This is why many people will spend anything on the best Ipswich massage.

Different kinds of massage

  • Swedish massage – a gentle form of massage that involves kneading, long strokes, tapping, vibration, and deep circular movements that relaxes tired and aching muscles.
  • Deep massage – this is when a masseuse uses more forceful strokes that target the deeper layers of your muscles and tissues to help provide relief from pain caused by injuries.
  • Sports massage – it’s much like the Swedish massage but is geared toward helping athletes recover from injuries caused by different sports.
  • Thai massage – originally practised in Thailand some 2,500 years ago, this type of massage is performed with the patient lying face down on a firm mat and is massaged using kneading motions to stimulate tissues and organs.

Healing benefits of massage

Massage therapy is considered a complementary and alternative treatment that offers a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the healing benefits of massage Ipswich has.

  • It releases tension.

People who lead busy lifestyles will definitely benefit from massage therapy because it has the ability to release tension, helping reduce stress and anxiety. As a therapist kneads the muscles in your body, you will feel calmer, more relaxed, and less anxious. As a result, you’ll be able to have more focus.

  • It lowers blood pressure.

Medical studies have found that regular massage in Ipswich can lower blood pressure levels. In fact, it can lower both systolic and diastolic numbers. This is because this form of therapy can reduce the effects of triggers, like stress, depression, and anxiety. As a result, the risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure can also be reduced.

  • It improves posture.

Back and neck pain are caused by poor posture, being overweight, or repetitive movements. Regular Ipswich massage therapy can help align your body as it allows your muscles to relax and loosen up, relieving pressure points and positioning the body to its pain-free state.

  • It strengthens the body’s immune system.

Not only does regular massage therapy sessions help reduce stress but also improve your immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, which is your body’s natural way of fighting autoimmune diseases. This makes massage a great addition to your health and fitness regimen.

  • It reduces pain.

Whether you’re suffering from pain caused by an illness or injury, regular massage Ipswich offers will help work out problem areas, like joints, back, neck, legs, and more. Professional therapists will accurately target problem areas to provide instant pain relief.

  • It regulates hormones and control diabetes.

As an alternative therapy, massage is recommended for those with diabetes to help induce relaxation, lower neuropathy, stop emotional eating, improve sleep, and restore insulin, among others.

Experience first-hand the therapeutic benefits of massage by booking an appointment with a qualified massage therapist from Ipswich, Queensland. Check out for more information.